Land-at-scale Newsletter Q2 2021 - July 2021 Online Version
Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you many new updates from the last quarter. More and more LAND-at-scale projects are starting and we look forward to having our portfolio of 14 countries up and running by the end of the year. On June 29th, we launched our knowledge management strategy together with LANDac and the International Land Coalition. We also enjoyed attending and exchanging at several key virtual conferences, such as the FIG E-working week - where we celebrated a decade of Fit for Purpose Land Administration-, the IGAD Conference as well as the LANDac conference.  

While July and August are usually a bit quieter due to summer holidays in Europe, LAND-at-scale has many exciting updates ahead. More LAND-at-scale projects are on the verge of kicking off. We look forward to sharing these updates with you in our next newsletter after the summer. If you want to stay updated in the meantime, be sure to follow our LinkedIn channel.

If you have any questions or remarks about LAND-at-scale, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through

Warm regards,

The LAND-at-scale team
Featured news
“Knowledge Management (KM) for Equitable and Sustainable Land Governance”: the LAND-at-scale KM strategy launched
Knowledge management and learning are at the heart of the LAND-at-scale program. On June 29th, we officially announced our collaboration with LANDac and the International Land Coalition to implement the knowledge management component of the program. Through our knowledge management activities, we aim to increase the impact of LAND-at-scale country projects by gaining an increased understanding on what works and what doesn’t. This will not only benefit LAND-at-scale, but the global sector as a whole.
Read more here    
Land, Crisis, Resilience: recapping the LANDac conference
From June 30th to July 2nd, the LAND-at-scale team joined the discussions of the LANDac conference. The conference hosted many interesting and lively discussions on important topics for the sector. The importance of a holistic approach to land governance issues was highlighted during several sessions, which has been an important consideration in LAND-at-scale project design as well. Gemma Betsema took part in the closing panel of the conference on behalf of LAND-at-scale, where she shared main take-aways from the conference alongside Dr. Caitlin Ryan from the University of Groningen and Teddy Kisembo from Makere University.
Read more about the reflections of the closing session here
Programme highlight
“Scaling community legal literacy, land rights certification and climate resilience”: Introducing the LAND-at-scale Mozambique project
Centro Terra Viva, Terra Firma Lda and RVO are excited to announce their partnership for a LAND-at-scale project in Mozambique. Starting this year, the project will run for three years focusing on three components, namely scaling community legal literacy, land rights certification and increasing climate resilience. The project builds on more than a decade of experience with building legal literacy and community land right registration.
Read more about the project here
Sharing land governance knowledge within the Dutch government
Within RVO, there are several international development programs that touch upon land governance in some way. This might be through private sector development, agricultural value chain projects, or loans for Dutch enterprises working abroad. One of the goals of LAND-at-scale is to raise awareness and share knowledge about land governance issues within the Dutch government. The first training the LAND-at-scale team organized was for the Corporate Social Responsibility Team of the Dutch Good Growth Fund.
Read more about this training here
Tools & Publications
Pathways to improving and scaling Land Tenure Registration approaches in Burundi
In Burundi, RVO and the Dutch embassy in Burundi intend to commission a LAND-at-scale project that will build on the experiences of the land tenure registration initiatives undertaken to date in the country. RVO commissioned a study by the Royal Tropical Institute that assesses the main obstacles that stand in the way of improved tenure security, sustainability and protection of women’s rights and explores options to change or expand the existing LTR programming strategies to overcome these obstacles.
Read the full publication here
Where Bottom-Up and Top-Down Meet: Challenges in Shaping Sustainable & Scalable Land Interventions
At the FIG E-Working Week, the land sector celebrated a decade of Fit for Purpose land administration. LAND-at-scale co-organized a workshop that explored tools, concepts and best practices after ten years of Fit for Purpose. Our own contribution to the discussions was a paper focusing on the challenges to shaping sustainable and scalable land interventions.
Read the full paper here
LAND-at-scale Mozambique one-pager
The LAND-at-scale Mozambique project has officially kicked off in June. Have a look at the project one-pager to learn more about the scope and intervention strategies for the project, as well as learn more about who is implementing the project.
View the one-pager here
Events and opportunities
Event: Committee on Food Security 49
Dates: 11-14 October 2021
Location: Online
Official website
Event: Global Land Forum 2022
Dates: 26-31 March 2022
Location: Amman, Jordan
Official website
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